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By JULIUS MBALUTO                                                            

An Engineer from Democratic Republic of Congo living in the United States has developed an advanced 360-degree vision, listening, and recording module, driven by artificial intelligence (AI), capable of functioning as a unique security camera.

The Engineer, Jean Kanya Kanya Kamangu (Junior) is also the CEO of 2GI Inc. He holds a Degree in Computer Science from the University of Paris 8 where he specialized in real-time computing from CESI.

He is also a former graduate in Electronics from I.S.T.A Kinshasa in D R Congo. He has over 30 years’ experience in prestigious telecommunications and automobile industries such as Ausy, Canal+, 3Com, Lucent Technology, ATI Technologies, AMD, Blackberry and Panasonic Automotive.  

After doing the hard work and coming up with this great innovation known as SAHAA™ technology, the Engineer was granted patent in the US-patent No US 11 516,441 B1 to protect his work on 29th November 2022.

It took Engineer Jean Kanya Kanya Kamangu four years of research and production to come up with SAHAA™ technology which represents a major advancement in the field of surveillance and data collection. SAHAA stands for “See All, Hear All, and Alert” It provides comprehensive coverage through its unique ability to capture a 360-degree view horizontally and vertically.


The module, in its original cubic form, integrates ten mini-cameras and ten sound microphones that synchronously record all images, movements, and sounds, without blind spots, in real-time, ensuring total and continuous surveillance.

Capabilities and Advantages of SAHAA™ Technology

 A versatile solution for various applications, offering a comprehensive and intelligent approach to security. Patented 10x10 360Vx360H sensor hardware. Cubic view of object rendering, 360° spatial audio, bidirectional interactive communications. Transparent and adaptive surveillance thanks to artificial intelligence. Economic cost-effectiveness with a single installation for complete security. Advanced analytical capabilities for preventive security and effective evidence collection. 


Investment in SAHAA Technology

The inventor of SAHAA Technology is inviting Africans to invest by acquiring shares in 2GI Inc., thereby contributing to the development of our Africa. 

To express your interest, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or join us at our upcoming presentations in African Capitals by registering on our website, you can write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and/or calling us at the office number: (+1) 470 917 4566 to reserve your spot.

Muslim Aid condemns the bombing of Al Shifa Hospital in northern Gaza at dawn on Monday, which led to the arrest of medical staff, internal refugees and journalists.  

Around 25 to 30 thousand civilians sheltering inside the hospital, including the sick, injured, medical staff, and displaced were trapped inside, facing an imminent threat to their lives. 

The attack happened at around the time of suhoor – pre-dawn meal during – during the month of Ramadan.  

On the same day as the attack, The World Food Programme announced that 70 percent of northern Gaza is facing catastrophic hunger, whilst UNICEF announced that malnutrition is spreading fast amongst Palestinian children in Gaza: 

  • North Gaza: 31 percent of children under the age of two (one in every three children) suffer from acute malnutrition 

  • Central Gaza: 28 percent of children have acute malnutrition, more than 10 percent of which have severe wasting 

  • South Gaza: Acute malnourishment of kids has doubled to 10 percent 

Muslim Aid is operating across the Gaza Strip providing emergency relief, including serving around 2,000 meals a day in northern Gaza throughout the month of Ramadan. Rights watchdog agencies and global leaders have accused Israel of creating famine and using starvation as a weapon of war in Gaza. 

Muslim Aid urges global leaders to protect civilians, public infrastructure and healthcare services.  

International humanitarian law must be respected, even during times of war, and hospitals must be protected and never targeted. 

The Muslim Aid team in Gaza, including the north of the strip, is Serving Humanity despite the challenging situation on the ground. Like many others, our team is at risk due to continuous bombardment, and we demand an immediate end to hostilities and the protection of civilian life. 


Kenya is preparing to launch a continental campaign after the African Union (AU) Executive Council dropped two key proposals that would have locked out its candidate for the Commission (AUC) chairperson seat.

According to Kenya’s Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi, the continental bloc will no longer demand that the next AUC chair be a woman.

They also agreed that the next chair be from eastern Africa although the region will have autonomy to agree on who runs.

Mr Mudavadi is also Kenya’s Foreign Affairs and Diaspora Cabinet Secretary.

A dispatch from Mudavadi’s office said the council “unanimously” asserted the right of the Eastern Africa region to produce the next chairperson of the African Union Commission.

“This is a major breakthrough for the Eastern Africa region to present candidates for the position of chairperson of the AUC,” said Mudavadi in a dispatch on Friday.

The Executive Council is composed of foreign ministers of AU member states and its decisions are often the penultimate act of endorsing a policy shift in the AU system.

The council’s decision will now have to be approved by the Assembly, comprised of the heads of State and government of the 55-member bloc. It is only after the Assembly approves that it will become official regulation at the AU.

Relief for Odinga

The rules drop gives a sigh of relief to Mr Odinga who would have been locked out of the race had they been adopted.

And Kenya said it lobbied members. However, sources told The EastAfrican that Nairobi profited from the general disagreement on whether rotation and gender parity should be tied on a rule.

Since 2021, the African Union agreed that the deputy chair of the AUC be of the opposite gender. But they had never agreed on alternating genders for the post of chairperson. They did agree, in 2018, that regions must rotate their hold on the chair in their English alphabetical order: Central, Eastern, Northern, Western, and Southern.

The current chairperson, Moussa Faki Mahamat, is from Chad in central Africa and is deputised by Monique Nsanzabaganwa of Rwanda from the eastern bloc.

“It is now clear that the Rt-Hon Raila Odinga will be in the race for the AU Commission Chairperson,” Mr Mudavadi said. “Effectively, there are no more technical or legal hurdles preventing Kenya from submitting its candidate.”

The decision means only the Northern Africa region will front candidates for the deputy chairperson, while the other three regions --Central, Southern and Western-- will compete for the six positions of commissioners.

Eastern Africa has 14 member states, often transcending their traditional regional blocs. For example, Madagascar often in the southern region belongs to Eastern Africa. - AGGREY MUTAMBO, The EastAfrican

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