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The national U-19 cricket women team are one step away from qualifying for the 2023 ICC U19 World cup as they prepare to face Tanzania in the final of Africa qualifier final after beating Uganda by 56 runs during the semifinal held on Saturday, September 10 in Gaborone, Botswana.

Uganda won the toss and decided to bowl as Rwanda started with batting.

Rwandans had so much to be worried about when Leonard Nhamburo’s young women managed 97 runs, the least they had managed during the Africa qualifier campaign so far.

There were concerns that the Ugandan team were going to chase Rwanda’s runs in a comfortable way but the team was all out wickets after 14 overs by the time they had only made 41 runs while they were still short of 56 runs.

Henriette Ishimwe put in a player-of-the-match performance as she contributed 36 runs and four wickets.

Rwanda will face Tanzania in Monday’s crunch final that will decide who among the pair will book a ticket to the ICC U19 Women’s T20 World Cup that will take place in South Africa next year.

The Rwandan team will be looking to revenge against a Tanzanian side that beat them by just one run during the group stages of the qualifiers.

Meanwhile, Uganda will play Namibia in a third place match slated on Sunday, September 11. Namibia were eliminated in the semi-final after Tanzania beat them by six wickets. - Eddie Nsabimana, The New Times


Charles III has been officially proclaimed King by the Accession Council.

The principal proclamation took place on the balcony at St James's Palace as trumpets blared, guns were fired from the Tower of London, and the centuries-old ceremony was televised for the first time.

It was followed by a rendition of God Save the King and "three cheers for the King". 

Cabinet ministers to meet with new King - live updates

An hour later, a second proclamation was read aloud at the Royal Exchange in the City of London as thousands gathered to watch.

Privy Counsellors, including Prince William and the Queen Consort, Camilla, former prime ministers David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, met in London to declare King Charles the new sovereign on Saturday morning.

The ceremony, which dates back to Saxon times, saw the King pay tribute to his "beloved" mother and to follow her "inspiring" example for "what remains to me of his life".

"I know how deeply you and the entire nation, and I think I may say the whole world, sympathise with me in this irreparable loss we have all suffered," he said.

Split into two parts, the first saw the Lord President of the Council, Leader of the House of Commons Penny Mordaunt MP, pronounce the death of the Queen in the picture gallery as past and present politicians and religious leaders listened.

"It is my sad duty to inform you that her most gracious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, passed away on Thursday 8 September 2022 at Balmoral Castle," she said.

The Clerk of the Council then read the Accession Proclamation, which declared King Charles the new monarch, Head of the Commonwealth, and Defender of the Faith (head of the Church of England).

Declaring Charles III King, he said: "We now hereby with one voice and consent of tongue and heart, publish and proclaim that the Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, is now, by the death of our late Sovereign of happy memory, become our only lawful and rightful liege lord, Charles III, by the grace of God, of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, and of his other realms and territories, King, head of the Commonwealth, defender of the faith, to whom we do acknowledge all faith and obedience with humble affection, beseeching God, by whom kings and queens do reign, to bless His Majesty with long and happy years to reign over us."

It was signed by the 'platform party' - first by Prince William, then Camilla, Queen Consort, followed by Penny Mordaunt, Prime Minister Liz Truss, Lord Chancellor Brandon Lewis MP, the Lord Privy Seal, Earl Marshal, and the Archbishops of Canterbury and York.

Day of Queen's funeral a bank holiday

The Privy Counsellors then moved to the throne room where the King arrived for the second part, which was effectively the first meeting of the Privy Council under his reign, and saw him make a personal declaration, followed by a Scottish Oath.

This dates back to a time when Catholic Europe was seen as an existential threat to Britain and promises to protect the security of the Church of Scotland, because, unlike in England, church and state are separate there.

Lord President of the Council, Ms Mordaunt, announced that the Queen's funeral will be a bank holiday, the date of which will be confirmed later.

Queen's reign 'unequalled'

Standing before the throne, the King said it was his "sorrowest duty" to announce the death of his "beloved mother, the Queen".

Paying tribute to her, he added: "My mother's reign was unequalled in its duration, dedication and devotion.

"Even as we grieve we give thanks for this most faithful life."

Acknowledging his "great inheritance" and "heavy responsibilites" of being passed the monarchy, he said: "I shall strive to follow the inspiring example I have been set in upholding constitutional government and to seek the peace, harmony and prosperity of the peoples of these Islands and of the Commonwealth Realms and Territories throughout the world."

The proclamation was then signed, before trumpeters from the Life Guards and drummers from the Coldstream Guards played and it was read aloud on the balcony above Friary Court - officially proclaiming Charles III King.

Read more on the King:
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It will also be read out in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast and other locations across the Commonwealth at midday on Sunday.

The Accession Council is different to the coronation, which may not be held for some time.

Queen Elizabeth was proclaimed sovereign on her return to London from abroad in February 1952, but was not crowned until June the following year. Sky News/Yahoo News

James Maina, Assistant Manager of Soy Club on the border of Uasin Gishu and Kakamega Counties shows a photograph of Queen Elizabeth II on September 9, 2022, inside the room (20), where the Queen put up during a trip to Kenya in 1952.

Jared Nyataya | Nation Media Group

What you need to know:

  • Perched along Eldoret – Kitale Road is the age-old Soy Club that has a similar history to Nyeri’s Treetops Hotel.
  • Both hosted Princess Elizabeth in 1952 when she visited Kenya on a honeymoon trip with her husband Prince Philip before she was declared the queen upon the death of her father King George V1. 
  • She stayed at Soy Club before leaving for Nyeri’s Treetops where she ascended to the throne. 

There is an important connection between Queen Elizabeth, who died on Thursday, and two Kenyan hotels. 

Perched along Eldoret – Kitale Road is the age-old Soy Club that has a similar history to Nyeri’s Treetops Hotel.

Both hosted Princess Elizabeth in 1952 when she visited Kenya on a honeymoon trip with her husband Prince Philip before she was declared the queen upon the death of her father King George VI. 

She stayed at Soy Club before leaving for Nyeri’s Treetops where she ascended to the throne.

Workers at Soy club tell stories of the villa where the royals stayed, which has attracted many foreigners. 

The villa, commonly known as Room 20, still stands in its original form. But like the club’s main buildings, it underwent a facelift.

Mr Henry Mulusa, a manager at the facility, says people, including foreigners, have been trooping to the club to see and take pictures of Room 20. 

“This place is a jewel like no other. It is rich in history that it is unrivalled,” he says. 

Built with VIPs in mind, the veranda at the entrance is big enough to accommodate bodyguards too.

It opens into a large sitting room that has a dual-purpose store – for the VIP’s valuables or personal travel belongings.

This special room holds a reception which has now been converted into a restaurant with a fireplace and a complete bar. 

Away in Nyeri County, the Treetops Hotel is situated inside Aberdare National Park.

Mugumo Tree

Princess Elizabeth was enjoying dinner with her husband Prince Philip at the hotel, which was built on top of a Mugumo tree when she received news that her father, King George VI, had died. It was then that she ascended to the throne. 


She climbed the rickety ladder at Treetops as a princess on February 5, 1952, and descended the following day as a queen.

At the facility’s reception, two candles have been lit and placed adjacent to the portrait of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Her room – known as the Princess’ Suite – stands out from the rest of the double suites available.

Inside the polished structures of the hotel, relics of the royal visit remain intact. Letters and prominent images of the then young princess adorn the walls, alongside those of her husband, Prince Philip.

Mr Amos Ndegwa, a ranger at the lodge, said yesterday the Queen had visited the facility again in 1983 and spent the night in her room.

“Most guests who visit are anxious to see the Queen’s room. She is the one who made this lodge to be known all over the world,” he added. The first Treetops hotel was built in 1932 and was on top of a Mugumo tree. It is the facility that the then princess climbed in 1952 before descending as a queen at the age of 25.

To protest colonial rule, the Mau Mau burnt down Treetops hotel. But in 1957, a new lodge was built opposite the spot where the original one stood.

Mr Jim Corbett, a hunter and author, immortalised the princess’ visit and wrote the famous saying in the visitors’ book: “For the first time in the history of the world, a young girl climbed into a tree one day a princess, and after having what she described as her most thrilling experience, she climbed down the tree the next day a queen. God bless her.” By Barnabas Bii & James Murimi. Daily Nation

TEHRAN (FNA)- During the five-day hearing over the deal to send away illegal migrants, a number of internal documents showing UK's officials concerns over the agreement were revealed.

According to documents cited by The Guardian that were presented at the British high court hearings, an unspecified number of UK officials reproached the deal.

They cited allegations of extrajudicial killings, the alleged recruitment of refugees to conduct armed operations in neighbouring countries, as well as human rights violations. Rwanda was accused of oppressing its local LGBT community and implicated in the disappearance of opponents of the country’s president, Paul Kagame.

Human rights activists, cited by The Guardian, has also claimed that “techniques like mock execution, asphyxiation and electric shocks are widespread in Rwanda".

After the UK and Rwanda struck the agreement, aimed at removing illegal migrants from the UK for the period while their asylum claims are being processed, the first flight was set to take place on June 14.

However, just minutes before the plane was set to depart, the flight was cancelled due to a corresponding decision by the European Court of Human Rights.

The lawyer of an asylum-seeker who was among those to be sent to Rwanda had appealed to the ECHR to adjudicate.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson threatened to withdraw the UK from the ECHR and accused the lawyers who made the applications of "helping criminals who exploit asylum seekers".

Europe's migration crisis arose in the fall of 2015 amid a flood of new refugees from the Middle East and North Africa; it continues to this day. According to the European Statistical Agency, by 2020 the number of people illegally residing in the EU totalled 557,500 people.

Illegal immigrants entering the UK by sea set a record with almost 700 people crossing the English Channel on September 1, 2022. According to the British Ministry of Défense, the previous record was set in April this year: then 651 migrants crossed the border in a day.

In 2022 more than 17,000 illegal immigrants have arrived in the UK from France across the English Channel so far, according to the British government. Last year there were 28,500 of them, and in 2020, only 8,500 people arrived.

According to Siobhan Mullally, the UN Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, the forced relocation of asylum seekers to Rwanda would undermine the international principle of refugees’ non-refoulement.

However, the British government had argued that sending migrants to Rwanda while their applications for asylum were being processed would prevent human smuggling and the illegal flow of migrants across the English Channel. Fars News Agency


President-elect William Ruto (left) and COTU Secretary-General Francis Atwoli during Labour Day celebrations at Uhuru Park, Nairobi on May 1, 2017. [Beverlyne Musili, Standard]

The Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary-General Francis Atwoli has hailed President-elect William Ruto as a tactful politician who plans ahead of time.

Speaking at a burial in Khwisero Constituency, Kakamega County on Friday, September 9, Atwoli said Ruto’s political strategy proved superior to that of Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya, if the presidential election outcome is anything to go by.

Ruto, 55, will become Kenya’s fifth president. He won the August 9, 2022 presidential election with 7.18 million of the votes (50.49 per cent), compared to Raila Odinga’s 6.94 million (48.85 per cent). 

Atwoli was an ardent supporter of Odinga’s presidential candidature, which also enjoyed the blessings of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“I was confident that Odinga would defeat William Ruto in the presidential election. On election day night, I slept knowing Odinga was ahead of Ruto. I never imagined I’d return to Kakamega to tell you to get used to William Ruto’s voice as Kenya’s fifth president,” Atwoli told the mourners. 

According to the COTU boss, God’s plans are mysterious and cannot be challenged by humans.

“Ruto is a political schemer whose gamble paid off. It appears in Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya Coalition, we were politically naïve,” he said.

Atwoli said the big crowds that attended Raila Odinga’s political rallies suggested that a majority of Kenyans were supporting the former prime minister’s presidential bid. 

“It turns out that we were wrong to think so. The assurances some of the voters gave us did not materialise at the ballot box,” he said.

The veteran trade unionist said Ruto defeated Odinga in strategy, especially in mobilising his supporters to vote, consolidating his strongholds and adopting a campaign message that resonated with many Kenyans.

Ruto, in the run-up to the August 9, 2022 presidential election, crafted his political campaign around hustlers.

Hustler is a term used in Kenya to refer to someone striving to make ends meet on a meagre payment or income. The hustler is a person who is hopeful of admirable economic success someday.

According to Atwoli, Ruto was spot on in his campaigns, messaging, charisma and energy. 

“He had the right [mobilisation] skills. He was politically smart and alert. Honestly speaking, he outwitted us at the ballot box.”

The trade unionist said he’s left with no other choice but to work with Ruto, pledging to support him as he steers the country.

Atwoli has said he will rally members of COTU to attend Ruto’s swearing-in at the Kasarani Stadium in Nairobi on Tuesday, September 13.

Atwoli, who repeatedly in the past said he was certain Ruto won’t become Kenya’s president, recently backtracked on his words, stating that he knew Ruto had the qualities to occupy the top seat someday.

In a September 5 interview on NTV, Atwoli adopted a conciliatory tone, saying he was ready to work with Ruto’s administration for the benefit of Kenyan workers.

“Whatever happened (a candidate not backed by the incumbent administration winning an election) could happen in any democracy. What I said about Ruto was in the context of competition, and [it] was within my constitutional rights [to say so]. This is the freedom our people died for,” he said in the TV interview.

He expressed optimism that Ruto understood his remarks in the political context, saying it was unlikely that the incoming president would seek vengeance.

“Ruto has said before that he will not reflect back on who said what about him. We must accept that the fifth President of Kenya is Ruto, as he has gone through all the stages [to win an election],” he said.

“William Ruto is an articulate politician. I had foreseen him becoming the President of Kenya; I did not say he can’t be a president. I am urging all Kenyans to rally behind him, give him an opportunity to form his government and support him,” said Atwoli. 

Ruto has pledged to steer Kenya to economic growth, debt reduction, social prosperity and transparent governance.

Atwoli urged Ruto be a unifying president who minds the welfare of all Kenyans, regardless of who voted for him.

“Ruto, in his campaigns, promised to improve the welfare of Luhya people. I’m glad that in his camp, he has leaders from the Luhya community. For instance, he has Musalia Mudavadi, Moses Wetangula and Ababu Namwamba. I’m optimistic that he’ll fulfill his promises,” he said.

At the same time, he said he was hopeful that a Ruto presidency “could be of great benefit to the Kenyan workers”.

“His leadership could even be much better for the Kenyan workers than the previous administrations,” said Atwoli.

Ruto will be deputised by former Mathira Member of Parliament (MP) Rigathi Gachagua.

The two ran on a joint United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Party ticket.By Fred Kagonye & Allan Ochanda, The Standard

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