In Summary

• She said so much progress had been made in all the Big 4 Agenda sectors.

•She has further said that the handshake helped the government deliver more projects.

State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena has said that President Uhuru Kenyatta will not be able to complete all Big 4 Agenda projects by August when his term comes to an end.

In an interview with Radio Kaya on Tuesday, she said some projects are part of the vision 2030 and will be taken up by the successive government. 

“However, so much progress has been made in all the Big 4 Agenda sectors covering UHC, manufacturing, food security and affordable housing,” Kanze Dena said. 

According to Kanze, even though most of the projects are still in the pipeline, there was tremendous progress in their implementation.

"There are ongoing housing projects in Mtwapa and Buxton, among other regions," she said.

She has further said that the handshake helped the government deliver more projects.

“Contrary to the narrative being perpetuated by a section of the political class, the handshake between Uhuru and ODM leader Raila Odinga in 2018 calmed down the country after a highly contested election enabling the government to successfully deliver more projects,” Kanze said.

The Big 4 Agenda include food security, manufacturing, universal health care, and affordable housing.

Further, Kanze said that the President working with the Coast counties to issue 500,000 title deeds and urged the residents to rethink their food production systems as a way to resolve perennial food shortages, especially during the dry seasons.

She has said that the blue economy in the Coast region has received a lot of attention with the revival of fishing ports at Liwatoni. 

The government last year allocated Sh142.1 billion towards the implementation of the Big Four Agenda.

Big Four Agenda as well as the Covid-19 recovery plan were expected to get a lion's share of the government's budget.

Treasury CS Ukur Yattani said Sh20.5 billion had been set aside for the Manufacturing sector.

Another Sh60.0  billion was been allocated towards Food Security.

The Treasury allocated Sh47.7 billion towards Universal Health Coverage which was a slight reduction from the previous budget of Sh50 billion.

 Sh13.9 billion was allocated towards Affordable Housing. By Sharon Mwende, The Star