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Ms Jackie Nabatanzi was arrested as she covered the Uganda National Agricultural Education Show at Jinja Showground, and immediately taken into custody at Nalufenya Police Station. PHOTO/COURTESY 

What you need to know:

  • Mr Robert Ssempala, the executive director of Uganda Human Rights Network for Journalists [UHRNJ], urged the Police to be professional when handling Ms Nabatanzi’s matter.

A journalist attached to Kiira FM in Jinja City has been arrested in connection to last month’s murder of a businessman, while several other scribes are being sought as persons of interest. 

Ms Jackie Nabatanzi was at around 3pm on Saturday arrested as she covered the Uganda National Agricultural Education Show at Jinja Showground, and immediately taken into custody at Nalufenya Police Station where she was still being detained by press time.

Ms Nabatanzi’s arrest comes after Jinja businessman, Shaban Malole, was on the night of May 14 shot dead by unknown assailants who were travelling on a motorcycle.

  • What we know so far about Jinja businessman shot dead at weekend

The deceased, a resident of Buwera East, Buwenge Rural Sub-county in Jinja District, was at the centre of a 900-acre family land wrangle belonging to the estate of his late father, Hajji Sulaiman Malole, located at Kituba Village, Kisozi Sub-county, Kamuli District.

Until his death, Mr Malole was in support of his family’s efforts to lease the land to an investor for 40 years to construct a sugar factory, a move his siblings said was aimed at locking them out of their father’s estate.

The Kiira region Police Spokesperson, Mr James Mubi, in the aftermath of the shooting, said the deceased was attacked at his home, shot at by unidentified gunmen who were reportedly traveling on motorcycle and died on the spot.

Over 10 people have since been arrested, including family members and residents, and are being detained in Kampala and Nalufenya.

Ms Milly Tibigwayo, who works with Apex FM, and was with Ms Nabatanzi at the time of her arrest, said Ms Nabatanzi received a call in the middle of a press conference at one of the stalls within the showground, and excused herself.

“Immediately after she stepped out, she was surrounded by Policemen who accused her of being in possession of a stolen phone and whisked her to Nalufenya Police Station, initially on that charge. 

“But at the Police Station, the story changed to using her phone to call somebody who was eventually shot dead. Police said they believe she was the last person who called the deceased,” Ms Tibigwayo said.


Mr Shaban Malole, a resident of Buwera East, Buwenge Rural Sub-county in Jinja District, who is one of Hajji Malole’s children, was on Saturday night fatally shot by unidentified assailants traveling on a motorcycle. PHOTO/ COURTESY 

However, Ms Nabatanzi, according to Ms Tibigwayo, maintains her innocence, saying a colleague from Baba FM used her phone to place the call to the deceased after he reportedly ran out of airtime.

Mr Abbey Mwase, a councilor for Jinja City Southern Division and chairperson of Jinja Tenants’ Association, was detained a week earlier as another person of interest in the gruesome murder.

For his part, Mr Mwase is being accused of hiring the car that transported the journalists to the deceased’s Village on that fateful day, prior to a meeting the following day to solve the family impasse over land.

Asked why Ms Nabatanzi is being detained at Nalufenya Police Station, Mr Mubi asked: “What is wrong?” He then declined to further comment on the matter.

Calls, especially from the media fraternity in Jinja, to have Ms Nabatanzi, who is said to be seven months pregnant, released are gaining momentum, with journalists vowing to storm Nalufenya Police Station to demand for her unconditional release.

Mr Robert Ssempala, the executive director of Uganda Human Rights Network for Journalists [UHRNJ], urged the Police to be professional when handling Ms Nabatanzi’s matter.

“When Police are doing their investigations, they should be professional and also consider the fact that journalists can talk to people and what happens in their professional life should not be linked to what happens in their sources’ lives,” he said. By Philip Wafula, Daily Monitor

  • Photo collage between Ramesh Vala and Gurajat village  FILE 
  • Ramesh Vala, a Kenyan-born philanthropist who grew up in Ngara, Nairobi, made headlines for his kind venture that changed the fate of a whole village in India.

    The Kenyan-born Briton, who was one of the recipients of the Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) during Queen Elizabeth II's 2022 Birthday, raised Ksh51 million in record a four hours that was used to rebuild a village of 335 homes, as well as three schools.

    This was during the January 26, 2001 earthquake in the Gujarat region of India that left families homeless and kids without schools.

    File photo of Ramesh Vala
    File photo of Ramesh Vala  INCE

    The London School of Economics graduate started school at Nairobi River Primary before completing his A-levels at Jamhuri High School, where he was recognised as the top all-round student.

    According to Ince London, a company in which he is listed as a consultant, Ramesh has devoted his life to changing the lives of different people all over the world. 

    The company noted that Ramesh has raised over Ksh 277 million towards helping different people in the world.

    "His fundraising experience includes climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya (twice), running the London and New York marathons, numerous half-marathons, cycling from Nairobi (Kenya) to Ngorongoro Crater (Tanzania)," a statement by Ince read in part.

    In one of his charity ventures, Ramesh cycled from Nairobi to the Ngorongoro Crater, covering 263km in three and a half days.

    He used the expedition to raise Ksh29 million which he channeled towards saving 15,000 children in Nairobi.

    In a previous interview, Ramesh revealed that when his mother passed, he became the sole provider for his family and thus developed the virtue of kindness.

    Other than being feted by the Queen, Ramesh has also been recognised by the Indian government for his philanthropic acts. 

    "In addition to his CBE, Ramesh has been nominated for various awards, including the prestigious Dadabhai Naoroji Award inaugurated by the last coalition Government to honour those who have helped to improve UK/India relationships," Ince described him.

    "I take this opportunity to reaffirm my continued commitment to working tirelessly to serve the public and the communities in which I live and balancing this with my professional life," Ramesh stated after being honoured by the UK.

    File photo of Ramesh Vala
    File photo of Ramesh Vala  NMG


Karen Nganga might not have spoken in the last Cop26(UN climate change conference) held in Scotland but her practical approach to protecting the environment has put her on the global spotlight. At the age of 9 years and with the help from other people, she has planted 30,000 trees in Kenya across counties including Kisumu, Muranga, Nandi, Taita Taveta among others.

Karen is today a natural environment conservationist. Karen’s commitment and her international exposure gained her recognition and was honoured by Team Environment Kenya as their international brand ambassador in 2020, a position she is highly proud of.

Karen and her supportive family

How did her journey start? At the age of 5 years, she was enrolled in a modelling school, Little Miss Kenya in Nairobi. Her parent s had realized that she was keen in modelling as at home, she would pose for photos and catwalk as well.  It was at the modelling school where children were given assignment to work on diverse projects from culture, music, poetry, environment and many more.

Karen chose to work on a environment project arguing that environment affects everyone. Her key drive was recycling where the use of plastics would be reduced. She competed with others in the school and teachers considered all projects with their criteria being the child who was more creative in their chosen project. Well, Karen’s eco project won.

She had designed a dress made of recycled plastics and drinking straws that caught the judges eyes in the competition. It is here where Karen won a place to represent Kenya globally in Ternarife, Spain in 2018 where 40 countries were in participation. In Spain, Karen recited a moving monologue on how plastic pollution was killing people and the marine lives. Her monologue won her the silver international trophy.


Karen is now only 9 years old, a grade 4 girl in a school at Harvest View Academy, Embakasi, Nairobi, Kenya. She is the youngest Cabinet Secretary for environment to be elected in her school. In all ways, she is an environmental conservationist, an upcoming climate activist and a runway model where she models for environment.

According to her father, Henry Nganga who is a social worker, Karen's journey to where she is hasn't come without challenges. Balancing her academics and conservation work has always needed a well thought plan. Some of Karen's conservation activities can be expensive coming within a very short time to plan financially especially to the international travel as she cannot travel by herself.

Unfortunately, the relevant authorities such as the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Culture and Heritage do not sponsor talented children like Karen. Every penny spent towards all these events and activities comes from parents. This really doesn't encourage or motivate talented individuals. 

However, Karen and her parents are undeterred. The journey continues. Karen narrates her experience in Spain where she had a chance to learn more about waste management. For example, she found that in Tenerife, all bins were separated for different wastes and the country used biodegradable bottles which are good for the environment.

After her journey to Spain, her passion on environmental conservation grew by leaps and bounds. She established her 3Rs club in her school. Karen and fellow 3Rs members in school collects plastics together for recycling. She established collection cages in school where all these plastics are put together before being collected for recycling. She sometimes also works with her 3Rs club out of school to collect plastics in her neighbourhood.

Karen has a registered organisation under her name; Karyne Forte Limited which Karyne Forte Environmental Conservation operates under. Karen's idea of this organisation was born as a result of her experience during the time she was planting trees across the country. Karen says she wanted to make sure no organisation or individuals run out of tree seedlings while on tree planting missions. She says they always were short of tree seedlings supply.

Karen a winner.

Karyne Forte Environmental Conservation aim and mission is to help increase forest cover which Karen believes will have many benefits including improved rainfall and fresh air for all. Karyne Forte Environmental Conservation, where Karen is the CEO and a director, has a tree seedling growing project with over 30K seedlings. With over 15 different species of trees including beautification trees, Karen believes her organisation is in the right track.

She employs 1 full time worker and two casual laborers. She officially launched her project recently and was happy to showcase her work to the public. Karen says KEFRI and NETFUND Kenya were present, and she is glad for the support they have continually given her tree nursery project.  Karen is proud that many of her friends are learning from her. And they are planning to start their own tree growing projects. Karen says it's mother earth who will be benefiting if more and more people started growing trees.

Does her conservation activities affect her academic work? Not quite, her parents say that her  academic performance has continued to improve. Her conservation work rhymes well with her academics. She has her own way of balancing the two. She says that when she is having an exciting activity in her conservation or modelling work, she feels happier at school sharing her experience with other pupils. This motivates her in her schoolwork too.

With the CBC syllabus, much of what is being taught is what Karen has been doing. In a way , some of it is just like an extension of her work. Karen has been elected the youngest CS environment in her school. This again is a recognition of her efforts. Her school is supportive of her work which gives her the confidence that she is doing the right thing.

Apart from tree planting, Karen is an upcoming climate activist. She has appeared severally on national TV and newspapers sensitising to the public the best ways to conserve the environment. She uses her known profile to educate the public on the dangers of neglecting our environment. She has worked closely with the Cabinet Secretary for Environment where she says she has gained experience on matters environment.

Karen is the youngest finalist in the UK based MTM Awards based in Bristol, Northern England on the environmental category award. This is an international award given to an outstanding person in the community worldwide for their commitment and efforts in environmental conservation.

It provides another chance for Karen to raise the Kenyan flag internationally again on matters environment. Karen likens this event to the Tenerife in 2018 trip where she won her first international award. She says winning this award would be a good thing but insists that it's not the award that is important. She hopes to use that platform to expedite her climate agenda.

She hopes to use every opportune time to highlight the dangers our planet is facing such us deforestation and excessive pollution. Karen is positive that this   November 2022 event in Bristol will be a game changer in her fight on climate change. Karen believes that climate change will affect the children more. The children will live longer in this planet than the adult population. A fact that Karen uses to encourage more children to join in the fight for better environment from the governments. She says her role model is noble peace prize winner, Wangari Maathai. However, Karen goes further to say that young environmentalists and climate activists such as Greta Thurnberg really encourages her.

Karen aspires to become a doctor. She believes a safer and cleaner environment is good for our wellbeing. Fresh air with less pollution will make her work as a doctor in future easier as less people will be falling ill. It is still early for Karen to decide whether to have an environmental related career in the future.

Karen's modelling and environmental conservation goes together. She mainly models for the environment. Her first international environmental award was initially because of her eco project which she did in her modelling project. Her modelling gives her the courage to speak in public. A quality she equally needs to speak in public on environmental related issues.

She has several titles in modelling including Little Miss Kenya 2018, Princess of Africa 2019, Little Miss United World 2019.

Karen's future goal is to get more and more children emulate her work. She believes that children will live in this planet the longest. Therefore, the need for children to be on the frontline in environmental conservation. She believes and says this time and again that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but we borrow it from our children.

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) now seeks powers to regulate the fastest-growing Super Applications, better known as Super Apps due to hefty transactions they are handling on daily basis.

In Kenya, Safaricom launched its M-Pesa Super App in June 2021. Other popular Super Apps recognised globally are WeChat and Alipay in China, which bundle together online messaging, social media, e-commerce, payments, and logistic services.

Kenya’s M-Pesa has seen an exponential uptake in twelve months to June this year with more than five million downloads.

The App currently houses platforms such as banks, insurance sectors, booking services including air tickets and now the recently launched virtual visa card dubbed GlobalPay.

The M-Pesa GlobalPay Visa Virtual Card will gradually be available across other M-Pesa markets through the M-Pesa Super App under a strategic partnership between M-Pesa Africa and Visa. These include Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Lesotho and Ghana.

This means the App can handle hefty transactions in a day in what the CBK says are becoming a major disruptor in the digital financial services ecosystem and must be regulated. 

“The regulatory framework will need to be agile to regulate super-apps offering e-commerce, loans, insurance products, investing platforms, etc. within the same platform,” added CBK.

A Super-App constitutes several “mini applications” that provide tailored services, using one integrated interface or platform.

They allow users to access applications for pay, commerce, mobility, entertainment, and communication from one platform, instead of through multiple apps.

“Super apps are being driven by the penetration of smartphones and changing consumer preferences for bundled services,” according to CBK.

According to an audit firm KPMG, Super Apps are proving to be a threat to the banking sector, which must heed to the development.

KPMG lists three factors that banks should be worried about amidst the awakening wave of Super Apps;

That they are disintermediating banks from their customers, they are using their vast wealth of data to deliver better services and are also building their brand reputations in financial services.

“While the rise of super apps in the East may seem like a fairly peripheral trend to the banking sector, the reality is they have the potential to up-end it,” says KPMG.

M-Pesa Super App has redefined how the global front views Kenya’s mobile banking, enabling timely transactions in 200 countries.

It is currently the largest revenue contributor to the parent company, Safaricom, having hit a Ksh.100 billion mark for the year ended December 31, 2021.

M-Pesa revenues surged by 38.3 percent to Ksh.107.7 billion from Ksh.86.2 billion in 2020. Source: Metropol


EACC boss Twalib Mbarak has been sued for failure to obey court orders requiring him to reinstate an employee as a senior education officer 1.

In the application, Henry Morara wants Mbarak to comply with orders issued by Justice Hellen Wasilwa of employment and labour relations court.

In her decision, Wasilwa ordered the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to reinstate Morara after finding his dismissal unfair and unlawful. 

The judge had given the commission 14 days to comply with the court’s orders, by reinstating him to the position he held in 2014, when the commission purported to terminate his employment.

The petitioner said the EACC has totally ignored the orders given in August 20, 2015 and the only avenue available, is to compel them or punish the top officials. 

"Since the delivery of the said judgement and service of decree upon the respondents, they have completely failed to abide by the orders," Morara states in his court papers.

He says he had been promoted to a senior education officer vide a letter dated May 15, 2014, by the former EACC boss Halakhe Waqo but he has never been reinstated to the position. 

Morara said he has suffered emotionally and financially as he is unable to meet his pressing financial needs and commitments.

Through lawyer Harun Ndubi, Morara is also seeking the court to declare that EACC through its employees has continued to treat him with actuated malice, unfairly and contrary to labour practices.

Ndubi says the EACC has also failed to pay all the financial loss incurred amounting to Sh10,192,089.

According to his court documents, EACC only made a partial payment of Sh3,423,700 in February 2020, leaving a balance of more than six million shillings. 

The lawyer now wants the court to issue an order compelling the anti-graft commission to pay his client in full, the arrears of Sh6,768,389 without further delay.

Morara has sued the EACC, its former chairman Mumo Matemu, former deputy commissioners Irene Keino and Jane Onsongo.

Also in the suit is Mbarak and Michael Mubea, the CEO operations at the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, Directorate of Criminal Investigations and the Attorney General. - CAROLYNE KUBWA, The Star (Edited by Bilha Makokha)

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