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The government of Rwanda has welcomed the ruling by the High Court of the United Kingdom which gave a green light to the policy to transfer of illegal immigrants to Rwanda from the European country.

In April, Rwanda and the UK signed the partnership that would see migrants and asylum seekers who are illegally in the UK transferred to Rwanda.

The transfer of the first group, which was initially slated for June, was however disrupted by a last minute court injunction, after some of the migrants petitioned courts claiming it was an illegal process.

The legal challenges were however dismissed on Monday by the country’s high court, saying the transfer of the migrants to Rwanda was legal and consistent with the refugee convention of 1951.

"We welcome this decision and stand ready to offer asylum seekers and migrants safety and the opportunity to build a new life in Rwanda. This is a positive step in our quest to contribute to innovative, long-term solutions to the global migration crisis," reads a government statement.

The unique pact dubbed the Migration and Economic Development Partnership concerns all the migrants and asylum seekers who arrived in the UK illegally from January 1, 2022.

According to the arrangement, the migrants who will be transferred to Rwanda will be facilitated to start new life, including being facilitated to get “secondary qualifications, vocational and skills training, language lessons, and higher education.”

The UK will also support in terms of accommodation prior to local integration and resettlement.

The ruling has also been welcomed by Rishi Sunak, the British Prime Minister and his predecessor Boris Johnson, with the latter saying that this was “the only humane ways of dealing with the trafficking gangs who are exploiting many people.” - The New Times


WAKISO, Uganda, Dec. 15 (Xinhua) -- Forty teachers of the Chinese language in Ugandan secondary schools graduated from a Chinese language training program on Wednesday, after an intense nine-month training in a Confucius classroom at Luyanzi Institute of Technology.

The graduates, who engaged in a Chinese language training program for Ugandan secondary school teachers, are part of the east African country's efforts to train 500 teachers to teach the Chinese language in 1,000 schools in the country, according to Grace K. Baguma, director of Uganda National Curriculum Development Center.

Baguma said the government has already approved the syllabus for teaching the Chinese language at the advanced secondary school level, and at the university level. Degrees in Chinese studies are being offered.

Zhong Jianghua, Chinese director of the Confucius Institute at Makerere University, said the training of Ugandan secondary school teachers in the Chinese language is critical in promoting the people-to-people relationship between the two countries. - Xinhua


United Kingdom’s Prince William Friday mourned the death of two wildlife reservists Mark Jenkins and his son Peter who died in a plane crash on Thursday at the Tsavo East National Park.

The Prince of Wales took to social media to express his grief while revealing his long-time friendship with the deceased.

“Yesterday, I lost a friend, who dedicated his life to protecting wildlife in some of East Africa’s most renowned national parks. Mark Jenkins, and his son Peter, were tragically killed when flying over Tsavo National Park while conducting an aerial patrol,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Tonight, I’m thinking about Mark’s wife, family and colleagues who’ve sadly lost a man we all loved and admired.”

Jenkins, a wildlife ranger and his son Peter (a game warden) lost their lives after their aircraft crashed on Thursday morning while on patrol in the park's north-eastern boundary.

There are claims they may have been shot from the ground as they tried to drive out cattle that were in the park.

The Kenya Wildlife Service Wildlife Service said it learned with deep sorrow about a fixed-wing aircraft crash that occurred in the Kone area along the Tiva in Tsavo East National Park.

“The plane, a Cessna 185 registration number 5Y-DHS, belonged to David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT), crashed at around 7.15 hours while on patrol in Huri – the northeastern boundary of the park, regrettably instantly killing both occupants on board,” KWS said.

Prince William’s friendship with Jenkins dates back to 2001 when he visited Africa for a three-year period where he learnt about game conservation, wildlife and its environment.

The friendship blossomed since Jenkins was following Prince's work with the Tusk Trust.

Prince William is the patron of Tusk Trust, a UK charity organization, which protects endangered wildlife species.

Global conservation organization Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) based in Germany also paid tribute to the Jenkins, terming him as a "lifelong conservationist and experienced bush pilot." -CYRUS OMBATI, The Star

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