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The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) has issued the statement below to confirm the death of its founder, the popular Prophet T.B. Joshua.

10 Things about Prophet T.B Joshua

1. After spending 15 months in his mother’s womb, Prophet T.B. Joshua was born on June 12, 1963, as Temitope Balogun Joshua in the little town of Arigidi in Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria.

The prophet has progressed from a young man with only one year of secondary school education to the head of one of Nigeria’s largest congregations. 

Every Sunday, his congregation, the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), attracts approximately 15,000 people, including tourists from beyond Nigeria.

TB Joshua is a man whose ‘marriage’ with controversies appears to be a never-ending affair, despite all of his accomplishments.

2. He allegedly tried to join the Nigerian Army but was unable to do so because the train he was on broke down, leaving him stranded en way to the military academy.


3. Joshua, T.B., is the father of three children. Evelyn Joshua, his wife, is his life partner. Serah Joshua, his elder daughter, graduated from the London School of Economics, and Promise Joshua, his younger daughter, is presently a student there.

4. He was once named the ‘Yoruba man of the decade’, by IrohinOdua, the first pan-Yoruba news outlet.

5. His TV station, Emmanuel TV, has made his ministry more publicised, drawing more and more foreigners from all around the world to his weekly church services.


6. He is often trailed by controversies mainly due to the nature of sicknesses he has reportedly healed people of and afflictions he has delivered people from. He is also known for his predictions/prophecies.

7. In 2014, a guesthouse collapsed in his church compound, killing about 115 South Africans. 8. Did you know he is also a published author?

T.B. Joshua wrote and published such books as The Mirror, The Step Between You And The Cure, Daily Time With God and What The Future Holds.

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He has been known to give out cash gifts and foodstuff including other material gifts, to the poor and downtrodden who visit his church.

A Forbes blogger estimated that TB Joshua has spent about $20 million on charitable activities.

10. He is very popular on social media, as his YouTube channel has over 500,000 subscribers, his Facebook page has over 2.8million likes, while his Twitter has about 177,000 followers as well. By Ada Ada, Daily Times

Gunmen killed at least 100 people in a northern Burkina Faso village, the government said Saturday, in what was the country's deadliest attack in years.

The attack took place Friday evening in Solhan village, in the Sahel's Yagha province, government spokesman Ousseni Tamboura said in a statement blaming jihadists. The local market and several homes were also burned down in the area toward the border of Niger, he said. 

President Roch Marc Christian Kabore called the attack barbaric. This is the deadliest attack recorded in Burkina Faso since the West African country was overrun by jihadists linked to al-Qaida and the Islamic State about five years ago, said Heni Nsaibia, senior researcher at the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project.

It is clear that militant groups have shifted up gears to aggravate the situation in Burkina Faso, and moved their efforts to areas outside the immediate reach of the French-led counter-terrorism coalition fighting them in the tri-state border region, he said.

Despite the presence of more than 5,000 French troops in the Sahel, jihadist violence is increasing. In one week in April, more than 50 people were killed in Burkina Faso, including two Spanish journalists and an Irish conservationist. More than 1 million people in the country have been internally displaced.

A local who did not want to be named, fearing for his safety, was visiting relatives in a medical clinic in Sebba town, approximately 12 kilometrers from where the attacks occurred. He said he saw many wounded people enter the clinic.

?I saw 12 people in one room and about 10 in another. There were many relatives caring for the wounded. There were also many people running from Solhan to enter Sebba....People are very afraid and worried," he told the Associated Press by phone.

The government has declared 72 hours of mourning. The Week

Former prime minister Tony Blair has said it is “time to distinguish for the purposes of freedom” between people who are vaccinated and unvaccinated when it comes to travel and domestically.

Mr Blair also described the NHS app that proves vaccination as “inadequate” as he said it makes “no sense at all to treat those who have had vaccination as the same as those who haven’t”.

The former Labour leader was reacting to a report published by the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change which says “vaccine status matters” and champions the idea of health passes “to allow citizens to prove their status in a secure, privacy-preserving way”.

Proposing the health pass system be used both at home and abroad, the report said: “With this ability to securely prove vaccination status, we can move beyond blunt, catch-all tools and align with other countries by removing certain restrictions for the fully vaccinated, thereby enabling us to sustainably reopen the economy.”

Former prime minister Tony Blair receiving the Covid-19 vaccine at the Lords cricket ground facility in London Toni Blair Institute/Twitter/PA)
Former prime minister Tony Blair receiving the Covid-19 vaccine at the Lords cricket ground facility in London (Tony Blair Institute/Twitter/PA)

It went on: “For as long as the world goes largely unvaccinated and the risk of a new variant remains significant, it’s vital that we have an alternative to the blunt tool of lockdowns to enable the country to live freely and safely.”

Mr Blair said: “It is time to distinguish for the purposes of freedom from restriction between the vaccinated and unvaccinated, both for citizens here for domestic purposes; but also for our citizens and those from other countries in respect of travel on the basis that being vaccinated substantially reduces risk.

“It therefore makes no sense at all to treat those who have had vaccination as the same as those who haven’t.”

He pointed to the report which says “why the current NHS app for proving vaccination is inadequate and should be changed to be simpler and more effective” and later went on: “Of course we are discriminating between vaccinated and unvaccinated.

“But the whole of risk management is based on discriminating between different types and levels of risk.

“Nothing matters more to risk than vaccination, which is precisely why we’re doing it,” Mr Blair said.

“Yes by allowing greater freedom and fewer restrictions to the vaccinated we’re providing a powerful incentive to take up vaccination, but this is a perfectly valid public policy objective.

“Other than for medical reasons, people should be vaccinated.”

A senior Government source said: “Once again Mr Blair appears to have learned of things already in the pipeline with the NHS app and decided to publicly call for them.

“Nonetheless we thank him for his continued support.”  By Caitlin Doherty, Yahoo News

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