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Greg Kelly, the right-wing host of Newsmax, says he smoked weed and ended up in Kenya. Naturally, people are laughing at how absurd that is. 

Marijuana is being legalised all across the US. With New York’s recently signed bill allowing for recreational use among adults, and criminal records for possession set to be expunged, 15 states and the District of Columbia now permit cannabis use. 

Generally, Republicans and other right-wing supporters tend to oppose legalising weed, whether it’s out of health concerns or stubbornness rooting from the ‘war on drugs’ mentality. However, if anything’s going to ward people off marijuana, it’s not the Newsmax anchor’s tale of being so high he woke up in Africa. 

Kelly tweeted: ‘SMOKING WEED (aka GRASS) is NOT a good idea. I’ve tried it (back in the day) and it was WORSE than anything that happened to HUNTER BIDEN. I ‘toked up’ with some buddies in Kentucky and woke up 4 days later in Nairobi, Kenya. With no idea what happened. DON’T DO DRUGS.’

Unless you’re completely oblivious to the effects of drugs, going on an out-of-body, blackout crusade to another country nearly 8,000 miles away and also suffering short-term amnesia is not something associated with cannabis. Really, it’s not the end-result of any drug, though there are others that would make more sense in this (blatant fallacy of a) scenario, like Rohypnol or even alcohol. 

Considering Newsmax has given airtime to nonsense merchants like Marjorie Taylor Greene in the past, the host’s claims should be taken with a pinch of salt. One Twitter user even wrote: ‘I read like 20 of this guy’s tweets and still not sure it’s a real guy.’ Another wrote: ‘Greg Kelly is performance art. I am convinced of it.’

He also previously tried to shift the blame of the US Capitol riots to ANTIFA, and used his platform to complain about McDonald’s refusing to serving him a McFish – because no such item has ever existed and he tried to order it during breakfast hours. 

The mockery has stretched far and wide. Former congresswoman Katie Hill tweeted: ‘Cheers to all who have ‘toked up’ in Kentucky and ended up in Kenya because that’s definitely a thing that happens when you smoke weed.’

Speculating there may have been other factors in Kelly’s trip to Kenya, another user joked: ‘Greg I don’t know how to break it to you but those weren’t ‘buddies’ and that wasn’t ‘weed’… it may have been ‘kidnappers’ and ‘a lead pipe’.’ Unilad

British citizens will be allowed to visit and holiday in countries with high Covid-19 vaccination rates as the country’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to unveil a traffic light system. The system will see destinations rated as red, amber and green.

Government sources who spoke to The Daily Mail said the British Covid-19 Traffic Light System will categorise countries according to the percentage of the population that has been vaccinated, rate of infection, Covid-19 variants and a country’s accessibility to reliable data and genomic sequencing. Using this criterion could mean that British tourists cannot visit countries such as France and Italy. 

Under the yet to be announced system, citizens returning from green category countries will not need to isolate, although they will need to have Covid-19 tests before and after they fly.  Those coming from countries in the red category would have to isolate in a hotel for ten days, while those that would have holidayed in amber category countries will isolate at home.

Daily Mail reports that the system is likely to come into effect on 17 May 2021. Health Minister Edward Argar told BBC Breakfast:

 We are seeing many of our friends in Europe seeing an increase in infections. That is one of the reasons why we have to be very careful that as we see an increase across the world in infections that we get this right because one of the things we don’t want to see – and just as the vaccination programme is working so well – is getting new variants or risking new variants getting imported into this country. But, although tempting as it is, I’m not going to pre-empt which countries might be in which categories or what the Prime Minister might say. PIndula

UN and South Sudanese police are doing frequent joint patrols in Jonglei State. Photos: Gideon Sackitey/UNMISS


From the outskirts, Anyidi looks deserted, with a long dry season having taken its toll. Scattered green patches do, however, spell good news: the imminent arrival of times of much-needed rain.

But on this day, a team of UN police officers serving with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan arrives before the wet gifts of heaven.

Stationed in Bor, the team also consists of officers from the South Sudan National Police Service. They are all here to show the presence of law enforcement, the cooperation between peacekeepers and national police and to build trust and confidence in the district of Anyidi Payam (an administrative division).

“This short-distance patrol is also an opportunity to inspect the police post built here last year, financed by the peacekeeping mission,” says Superintendent Dorothy Namasiku Nyambe, the police coordinator at the UNMISS field office in Bor, adding that their visit is vital to assure local police officers on the ground that they can count on continued technical assistance and advice from their UN colleagues.

Anyidi town is fast establishing itself as a major trading post where cattle from the neighbouring Greater Pibor Administrative Area is sold. From here, traders continue to Bor to buy essential supplies before heading back to Pibor.

“Most of the youth here are armed, and the risk of frictions between visiting traders and residents is real. Our joint presence on the ground gives them [traders] the assurance they need to go about their normal business,” comments Akech Mapio, a Lieutenant of the South Sudanese police and advisor to the Jonglei State Police Commissioner.

The vibe is different in Makuach, where the patrol team goes next. Here, local police officers are still recovering from the shock of having six colleagues shot dead and another 21 being wounded during vicious intercommunal fighting in July last year.

“One of the officers who witnessed the carnage needs psychosocial support, which he has not yet received, but we are happy to see UN police visiting us and we hope we will see you here more often as we more forward,” says Corporal Mabior Meriel, officer in charge on the day.

Mabior and his colleagues, not to mention the women living in Makuach, are having a difficult a time during the dry season.

“We have no clean drinking water here. We get water from a shallow stream two hours away, and then we have to boil it before we can drink it. Fetching water every day is very tiring for our women,” he says, adding that mattresses and blankets are also in short supply. - GIDEON SACKITEY/FILIP ANDERSSON, UNITED NATIONS MISSION IN SOUTH SUDAN

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