Tusker's Faraj Ominde enjoys back ride from former team-mate Luke Namanda in a recent match. Photo via The Star


Kenyan champions Tusker are staring at a looming court battle after their aggrieved midfielder Faraj Ominde threatened to resort to the corridors of justice in a last-ditch effort to secure a release letter.

The brewers have been caught up in the thick of a botched transfer saga with Ominde alleging all his efforts to part ways with the club amicably have run into a hitch after he was brazenly denied a release letter following a deal with rivals Bandari.

Ominde contends Tusker have denied him a chance to make his dream debut for the coastal side and the only option left at his disposal is to take a legal recourse.

"I still have at least two years left on my contract and Tusker have told me to wait for another two months before they can give me a release. I guess it all has to do with their reluctance to pay me my dues because that could amount to a fortune given the lengthy period still remaining on the contract," said Odeny.

"We have already lodged an appeal with FKF and I'm hopeful the federation will give me a release because as things stand now I can't feature for Bandari in any league encounter," said Odeny.

"I've been training with Bandari for a while now from the time I penned a deal with them. Everything else is in place as far as the deal with Bandari is concerned, only the release letter remains for us to complete the deal," he revealed.

Ominde was among the 11 players said to have been offloaded by the brewers at the end of the season. "The decision equally shocked me just as well. When I sought explanation from coach Robert Matano, he surprisingly told me he decided to offload me because I happen to have a tiny body frame.

"That explanation didn't make any sense to me given he had fielded me for the better part of the preceding season. Anyway, I don't want to play for Tusker anymore. All I need now is the release letter that will set me free to feature for Bandari," said Odeny.

Tusker chairman Daniel Aduda, however, said Ominde was unnecessarily blowing things out of proportion, adding that they still consider the midfielder to be part of their squad.

"Faraj is still a Tusker player. Ask him if he hasn't received his salary. However, we can't keep him if he is determined to leave. Like any other employee in any other organisation, Faraj is at liberty to terminate his contract because the law states quite clearly that either party may terminate the contract,"  said Aduda.

"All Faraj wants is to have his cake and eat it, something that cannot happen. In fact, we are even contemplating a court action if he continues like this. If he has already penned a deal with Bandari, then he has courted trouble because that will be considered as double signing," he added. - TONY MBALLA, The Star